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Centurion Labz WARRIOR TRANCE 90 Capsules

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It is here! Warrior Trance is our sleep aid that will also refresh the adrenal receptor sites! This will make any stimulant based supplement more effective for the customer and they will not need to double and triple scoop preworkouts to maintain its "kick." Not only will you maintain full effectiveness of your supplements but WARRIOR TRANCE will promote more restful sleep. The better your sleep patterns are, the better your recovery from workouts and physical activity will be!


GABA(gamma amino butyric acid)- 700 mg

L-tryptophan- 500 mg

Valerian root extract- 400 mg

Phenibut(4-amino-3-phenylbutric acid – 300 mg

Magnesium chelate- 195 mg

Zinc orotate- 10 mg

Rhemmania- 10 mg for adrenal support

Astragalus- 6 mg for adrenal support

Melatonin- 3mg