VMI Sports MAJOR MASS 4.4lbs - Fitness Mania Supps
VMI Sports MAJOR MASS 4.4lbs - Fitness Mania Supps

VMI Sports MAJOR MASS 4.4lbs

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Lean Mass Gainer. 40g Protein. 10g Healthy Fats. Major Approved. Quality Matters! Lean Muscle Growth: If You Want Quality Size, You Need Quality Ingredients. Enhance Lean Muscle and Size With Our Specialized 20/30/10 Ratio Combination Of Protein, Carbohydrates, And Healthy Fats. Improved Digestibility: Featuring Digestisorb Enzyme Complex, Major Mass Enhances Digestibility, Making It Less Likely To Experience Bloating While Potentially Increasing Nutrient Delivery. Healthy Fat Sources: Containing A Combination Of MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, And Coconut Oil, As Well As Fat Naturally Derived From Whole Milk Powder, Major Mass Provides A Clean Source Of Fats. Multi-Phase Carb Blend: Our Multi-Phase Blend Of Carbohydrates From Carb10 And Maltodextrin Combine Multiple Sources Of Moderate To Low Glycemic Sourced Carbs. Enhanced Digestive Enzyme Complex. Enriched With Whole Milk Protein. Superior Carb10 Carbohydrate Matrix. Featuring Premium Coconut Oil Sources. Supplemented With Avocado Powder. Containing MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides).


Mix 2 Level Scoops Of Major Mass With 6-8 Ounces Of Water Or Beverage Of Your Choice. Pre-Workout: Consume Major Mass 30 Minutes Prior To Training, To Support Muscle Endurance. Post-Workout: Consume Major Mass Immediately Following Your Workout, To Enhance Recovery. For Major Results: Drink 2-4 Servings Daily, To Satisfy Your Mass Gaining Preferences.


Allergen Statement: Contains: Milk, Wheat and Soy. Persons With Milk To Severe Milk Allergies Should Get Approval From Your Doctor Prior To Consuming This Product, Product Contains Whey And Milk. Caution: Do Not Exceed Recommended Dose. Not Intended For Use By Persons Under The Age Of 18, Those With A Medical Condition, Or Those With A History Of Kidney Disease. Do Not Use If Pregnant Or Lactating. If You Are Under The Care Of A Physician, Please Consult Your Physician Before Using This Product. Do Not Use If Tamper Resistant Seal Is Broken. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store In A Cool, Dry Place And Avoid Excessive Heat.